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Dental technology has evolved significantly in the last few decades. One of the most useful diagnostic tools we use at our dental practice is the T-scan, which is primarily used to analyze your bite and determine the right course of action to offer treatment.

What is T-scan?

T-scan, developed by Tekscan, is a clinically recognized and widely preferred system to analyze an individuals’ occlusion. This innovative tool allows the dentist to determine the presence of a malocclusion before it increases in severity. It reduces the chair time you need to spend in getting your teeth misalignment corrected, as early detection cuts down on the unnecessary repeat visits.

How does the T-scan work?

When you visit our dental practice, our team will take you through the procedure and explain why we are doing them. Initially, the dentist will ask you to bite down on a thin sensor, and the rest is done by the software. The bite evaluation is done in a matter of a few seconds and would be clearly visible to you on a computer screen. The following aspects can be evaluated using the data rendered by the T-scan, which are crucial in diagnosing a malocclusion:

  • Find out how the teeth from either jaw come in contact with each other
  • Use the data obtained to build a visual image, which represents the force with which your teeth meet
  • Build a simulative video to help you and our dentist understand how the bite progresses from start to end
  • Determine the exact concern and use it to formulate suitable treatment therapy.

What are the advantages of T-scan?

  • Patients would have a better idea about the issue with their bite
  • Dentists can clearly understand the severity of the malocclusion and use the data to draw out a suitable treatment plan
  • The precision offered by the diagnosis is excellent
  • The treatment duration would be reduced significantly
  • Reduced risk of restoration failure.

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